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so much to say

I now have all of the necessary skills to survive an apocalypse. Bread baking and purse making.

Crockett's mom took me sewing machine shopping on Saturday, and I feel like a regular old pioneer woman. No (fairly simple) pattern is unsewable for these deft (and aided with the finest electronic sewing machine my meager funds could afford) hands.

Now that I have my beach bags, I'm ready for the British Virgin Islands. I leave on the red-eye tonight*.

If you're considering breaking into my house while I'm gone, I see two obstacles for you. 1) You don't know where my house is. 2) My wonderful dog sitting mother will be there. So blllphtttt.

Several weeks ago I intended to start writing an extra post every other day in order to keep emmanation updated while I was gone. Then, when that didn't happen, two weeks ago I was going to write an extra post every day. Then, several days ago, I thought 'well, I can pump out eight posts in a few hours, how hard can it be'.


So, for the next ten days (eight weekdays), emmanation will be dark. Unless there's wifi somewhere. Which, how can there not be? This is AMERICA! (Except, the British part. Shit. Right. Well, you know what I mean.)

I love you and I will miss you and I will be back with photos galore.


*Why call it the red eye? You're already flying at 1 am, why must they remind you that you're going to look like hell when you land? I'm going to call it the last call flight instead. I think that makes it sound romantic and adventurous.


blah blah blah my life is so hard