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Hilarious things you've missed

Well. I couldn't get into the dingy after snorkeling, because that shit is hard. Instead I VERY convincingly claimed that I wasn't TRYING to do it THAT WAY, I have my own way that's WAY BETTER. My way resulted in (several) unexpected backwards somersaults directly into the ocean.

Turns out I do get seasick. And the place I laid down to ride it out was on top of the line that Cap'n Dave needed to raise the jib. I was (apparently) unrousable. In other words, I am adored by my shipmates. In my defense, Crockett threw up four times in three minutes on that same crossing.

Boat toilets are AHEM not ok. They drain INTO THE OCEAN. Like, directly. The eww of that is, well... ewwww.

We watched people play beach jenga - regular jenga but supersized - and theft thought you could take blocks off the top level. Honestly.

Crockett beat Cap'n Dave at beach Connect Four in five moves.

That's all you've missed. Otherwise, this vacation is no fun at all. (Obviously I'm lying to make you feel better that you aren't here. I hope that's ok.)

Back in the US, back in the US, back in the USVI