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I'm feeling much better now. I had some coffee and I told several people about my elaborate plans to ditch my job, disguise Cloey and Maida as babies (because babies are allowed everywhere and puppies aren't - what's that about, seriously?*), and travel the world waiting tables and drawing really really good drawings for tourists when I run out of money. *Is it because people aren't allergic to babies? Because Cloey, at least, is hypoallergenic. And Maida is so cute that allergies don't matter. Argument SHOT DOWN.

The other day, Star and I went shopping because she needed more grown up style clothes and I never turn down a shopping trip. We got free samples of Clinique foundation which is kind of ridiculous because neither of us wear foundation, but the girl giving the samples was adorable and we caved. After that? We were standing in line and I told Star that my face felt weird, meaning where the cute girl had put a smidge of foundation. Then Star pointed out that if I wanted to put on more foundation, I had plenty.

However, the words we actually said were these:

"My face feels funny."

"Well, you have a lot."

A lot of face? Hhahahahahhahahahaha. I DO have a lot of face, I've always thought that. No dainty little face for me.

When Cloey and Maida and I are travelling the world waiting tables etc, I'm going to learn how to say 'you have a lot of face' in every language. You never know when such a useful phrase is going to come in handy.

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