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I have 6 active email addresses.

  1. Work.
  2. Gmail - personal.
  3. Gmail - professional.
  4. Gmail - bakery.
  5. Gmail - blog.
  6. Yahoo - stuff that I don't want to get sent to any other address.

Some of the things that come to my yahoo address are truly ridiculous. I have spam from the future.

I get 6 - 8 emails a a day from, with subjects like "Does He Still Love You?" and "What is Your Purpose in Life?" I freely admit that these are my fault, because I subscribed for my horoscope (Capricorn FTW), but I do feel a little frisson of stress every time one pops up. Does he still love me? What is my purpose in life?

I also get a couple of emails from They send me family friendly recipes (for my big ol family?), low fat recipes (for my big ol butt?), and strange insights into the world of the online iVillage family woman.

For example, today they sent me an email that said "Are You Having a Normal Amount of Sex?"

Well, hell, iVillage, I don't know. But now I need to! Am I having a normal amount of sex?

Turns out they don't know either, because they only surveyed married women. Some of the survey responses are awesome, though.




Thanks, iVillage, for this insight. Sometimes married women want to have sex and sometimes they don't, sometimes it's predictable and sometimes it isn't, some of it's the BEST SEX EVAH.... so basically, married sex is a lot like dating sex. People do what they like. Who knew.

sexy sexy

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