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Yesterday I had brunch with two exceptionally lovely ladies, and we discussed labels. I love to be labelled. I love to know that I am an ENTP, a high DIS, and that my number one strength is empathy. I love to be able to tell people that I am an ex-engineer, a blogger, and a pastry chef. I embrace the fact that I'm a type b personality and a shopoholic, an iPad owner and a girl geek.

Most of all, though, I love my style statement.

Organic Whimsy.

Doesn't that just make you want to go run through a field, throwing daisies behind yourself?

Style Statements are the brainchild of two women in CA (although one seems to have moved on from the business).

What is a Style Statement?

  • An opportunity … to take a breath, look at where you are, reassess your priorities, and go forward confidently and distinctively into the life you really want to live
  • An articulation of who you are … two words that serve as a compass for your choices every day and that keep you grounded in the authentic you
  • A decision … to embrace yourself and nurture your unique style and creative edge

What is the 80/20 Style Statement principle?

This is the magic formula that makes your Style Statement a truly useful tool. The first word of your style statement reflects your inner foundation, your 80%. The second word is your creative edge, your 20%—and it’s often this 20% that people don’t nurture. The 80/20 principle’s combination of energy, ideals, and aesthetics is a powerful equation for creating ease and results in your life.

Your Style Statement consultant will help you understand how this magic formula makes your Style Statement a truly useful tool.

You have a two options for finding your style statement - paying $275 to spend 90 minutes on the phone with Carrie, one of the founders, or paying $25 for the book. Obviously, I chose the book - why spend $250 on a conversation when I could spend it on clothes?

The thing is, when I remember this one, it is useful. I rarely have a project where it behooves me to remember that I'm an ENTP. My empathy is a skill I can't leave behind if I try. But my style statement, particularly in my personal life, leads me to the right choices if I let it.

For example, I am always buying clothes that I feel are appropriate and that look good on me, only to never wear them. After telling the girls about my style statement at brunch, I went through my closet and pulled those clothes out.

They're definitely not Organic Whimsy clothes. Sometimes, when I'm shopping, I apparently think I'm this girl:

Or possibly this girl:

I'm not those girls, though. I'm the girl who wears this:

Blazers are an excellent go to item for the modern professional woman, which is probably why I continue to buy them. However, blazers are neither organic nor whimsical, and I don't wear a single one of the six that I own.

It applies to my house, too. It applies to my ability to plan things in advance. It applies to pretty much everything, if I let it.

Gosh I love labels.

Just call me Organic Whimsy.

And.... scene.

Did you notice? (Or: How exciting internet news is spread)