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You know what I haven’t done in awhile? Checked in on my resolutions. For the year of 2010, Emma is doing……... (consider those dots a drumroll, please)……

Not particularly well.

1) No illness.

  • Status: better than last year, but still kind of a massive fail.

2) Stop obsessing about cutting my damn hair.

  • Status: pretty much rocking until this morning when I very seriously explained to Crockett that I have too much hair and want a cute lil 20s style bob. Whoops.

3) Don't buy any non-consumables.


4) Blog five days a week.

  • Status: 10,000,000 gold stars. Yes, that’s a lot of gold stars but I LIKE gold stars and when I make them up and give them to myself they don’t cost any money which is GOOD so SHHHHHalready god.

5) Work on strong friendships with women.

  • Status: Star, check. Alauraborealis, check. Mom, check. QueenB, Suzan, and all my blogworld friends, check.

6) Smile more in pictures.

  • Status: I can only swing this when a) I'm drinking or b) Crockett is being hilarious.

7) Be a grown up when it matters, and not worry about it when it doesn't.

  • Status: this one is always the hardest, because my own intentions are sometimes foggy to me. If I’m, say, seriously considering a career change, am I doing it because I want to improve my life or because I want to be a student for awhile so I can sleep in and drink beers? I’m still trying though.

Overall, this sort of sucks. Will someone remind me not to make resolutions next year?

How are your resolutions going?


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