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give us stubble burn once and we may never kiss you again

Silly England. British MSN published an article last week called '53 secrets girls don't want guys to know'. Why 53? I have absolutely no idea - there are several they could have dropped. For example, any particular reason these gems needed to be included?

  • We look through your Facebook photos a lot, and we really hope that you haven’t downloaded anything that reveals who looks at them the most.
  • Your feet disgust us.
  • Stop trying to understand how our minds work. Even we don’t understand how our minds work.

Yes, men - we're stalkers who want you to leave your shoes on. If you want to make us stop stalking you? Tough luck - even we wouldn't know how to do that.

Some of them are actually not too bad.

  • We’ve got a rogue hair that needs regular plucking. (So embarrassingly true.)
  • When we’re at a party we clock the sexy girls far quicker than we clock the sexy guys. (Absofreakinglutely.)
  • We’re scared of commitment too. (This one isn't just for men - this is for every author who writes books about How to Catch that Wily Man Who Doesn't Want to be Caught because You are So Very Desperate to be Loved Forever.)

However, they definitely left some off, AND they apparently aren't concerned for the women who are sleeping with women. If we don't understand ourselves, I'm going to say other women probably don't understand us either... right? Please consider the following list a guideline - not all points apply to all women. In fact, most may just apply to me.

  • We get gadget lust too, and not just for thinks that are sparkly, pink, or 'especially for women'.
  • Video games are more fun when you play with us - but still not that fun.
  • We know you like Glee. We don't think less of you for it.
  • Sometimes we know when we did something wrong, but we want you to tell us we're right anyway.
  • Sometimes we know you did something wrong, and we bite our tongues.
  • We are scared of your mothers.
  • When you're mad about something and you take it out on us, it makes us really sad.
  • Separate blankets are sometimes better for everyone.
  • It's not cute when you make faux-sexist jokes because you know we're feminists.
  • There are things we do when you're not around that are not at all attractive. Like pick our noses. You will never ever see this happen.

I'm sure there are more, but I'd like to hear your contributions. What should men/women/whoever know?

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