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dirty bird

There's this thing that I do that drives me insane when I notice myself doing it. I pretend to be embarrassed about something and use that as an excuse to tell people about it, and in truth it's almost always something I'm perversely proud of.

For example, at home? Washing things? Yeah, not so much. I mean, yes, I run the dishwasher and the washing machine, but that's only for things that are (in the case of the kitchen) visibly dirty and not able to be cleaned with a rinse, or (in the case of laundry) visibly dirty in more than one spot and/or noticeably stinky.

This is a nasty habit, really, but I secretly feel a little superior to those people who 'clean' (scoff). I'm saving water! I'm not afraid of no germs! My jeans will last longer than your jeans, you washers!

There are other things too. My inability to keep a secret (although right now I have a doozy and the only reason I haven't spilled is because the circle of people who care is limited and it would be easily traced back to me)(P.S. Dear Crockett, you already know so don't worry) is legendary. That's not a good trait to have, but deep down I feel that my if-it's-really-a-secret-keep-it-to-yourself policy makes me more 'authentic' (not to be confused with 'trustworthy').

I can't be the only person who does this, can I? If you have a dubious skill/habit/trait that you're outwardly ashamed of but secretly proud of, tell me. Sing it out. Be loud, be proud - and if your trait happens to be that you never ever ever wash your bras, I am so with you.

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