Colorado. Runner. Yogi. Fucking hilarious, like, 17% of the time.

And.... scene.

Setting: First meeting of the day.

Coworker #1: Today's Very Important Point (TVIP), well thought out and clearly articulated.

Me: (Listening closely, truly considering TVIP.)

Coworker #2: Exactly the same TVIP, re-articulated as if it's a brand new idea that he thought of himself.

Me: (Looking at him, listening, and doodling.)

Coworker #3: TVIP, barely altered, with additional phrases like 'kind of thing' and 'and stuff' inserted at random intervals.

Me: (Idly staring at the woman next to me's adorable shoes.)

Coworkers #1, #2, and #3: Congratulating themselves on their piercing insights and go-get-em spirit.

Coworker #1: Emma, what do you think?

Me: (Silence.)

Coworker #4: About TVIP, we mean?

Me: TVIP, completely unchanged, except using the word 'championing'.

All coworkers: (Spontaneous applause and flower throwing.)

I am not even a little bit irritating

you lucky bastard