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Stockholm, Day 9

Stockholming Myself is the brainchild of the brilliant Temerity Jane. If you want to join in, she's got a whole thing going on over there - check it out. It’s not a diet thing, it’s not a weight loss group, and it’s not NOT those things, either. It’s looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. I'm in it for reasons I explain a little here.

I think that one of the reasons that I like buying new clothes so much is because when I'm wearing something new, it's what I see when I look at myself. Like getting a new haircut - I'm actually anxious to go to the mirror. Oh, hi, new shirt! Gosh, you sure are looking cute today!

Then when I've worn it a couple of times, it's back to being regular old me. Perhaps there's something to be done. Maybe I can hand over the wardrobe reins to someone else. I could have my uber stylish friends Queen B (not to be confused with the equally stylish Beauty Queen) and Suzan go through my closet and confiscate clothes until I forget about them, like I do with my dogs and their toys.

I actually had a dream that someone else was going to get to decide what I wore every day. The only day the dream covered, whoever it was picked something like this:

Which, awesome. If I were six and going to a garden party.

Fancy today

In which I hang my head in shame