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Stockholm, Day 6

One of my very favoritest bloggers, Temerity Jane, recently started a project called ‘Stockholming Myself‘. It’s genius.
In her words:
The theory behind Stockholming Myself, something I made up that is composed of absolutely zero science, is that if I take the dreaded full-length body shot picture every single day, I will either notice gradual change from my diet & exercise plan or, failing that, will learn to like what I’ve got based on continual, unrelenting exposure.
For me it’s slightly different, as I’m not looking for change – I really just need to practice liking how I look.

This weekend was a veritable orgy of beer and party food, and I feel fat. Looking at this picture I realize I look exactly the same as I did last week... and yet. I guess it just happens that way sometimes.

I tried something new with the posing this time - actually posing! If I were on ANTM Nigel would be screaming at me 'where is your other foot?', but happily, I'm not. Of course, he'd also probably be screaming 'what happened to the other eight inches of height that are required to be on this show?'. Also, I think (hope) that the whiskering on the jeans is subtler than it looks here.

Shark attack, everybody out of the water

Stockholm, Day 5