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Stockholm, Day 2

One of my very favoritest bloggers, Temerity Jane, recently started a project called ‘Stockholming Myself‘. It’s genius.
In her words:
The theory behind Stockholming Myself, something I made up that is composed of absolutely zero science, is that if I take the dreaded full-length body shot picture every single day, I will either notice gradual change from my diet & exercise plan or, failing that, will learn to like what I’ve got based on continual, unrelenting exposure.
For me it’s slightly different, as I’m not looking for change – I really just need to practice liking how I look.

I had to ask a coworker to take this picture in her office, because in my rush to get out of the house this morning I forgot to swing by the mirror. This, despite being not particularly photogenic, is one of my favorite outfits.

My face is blacked out because if it wasn't, I wouldn't have been able to do anything with this picture but stare at my mouth wondering if my minitooth was showing.


Fuck you very much, Thursday