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Stockholm, day 14

Stockholming myself is the brainchild of the brilliant Temerity Jane. If you want to join in, she's got a whole thing going on over there- check it out. It's not a diet thing, it's not a weight loss group, and it's not NOT those things either. It's looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see.

You know what? This marks two weeks of me doing this. I missed a day, sure, but if you knew how flaky I normally am you'd be giving me the back pat routine now (at least you would in my head, and since you're NOT here, that's what matters, eh?).

Since I've hit two weeks, I shall not whine about the *ahem* bloating I can feel if not see and how the only reason I showered today is cause Crockett dragged my ass put of the house to watch hockey. I shall, instead, give myself and the rest of you Stockholmers a big verbal hug.


There, did you feel it?


NHL playoffs