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Stockholm, Day 12

Stockholming Myself is the brainchild of the brilliant Temerity Jane. If you want to join in, she’s got a whole thing going on over there – check it out. It’s not a diet thing, it’s not a weight loss group, and it’s not NOT those things, either. It’s looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance. I’m in it for reasons I explain a little here.

I actually really enjoy the halo effect I get from taking the picture in my work bathroom. I took one at home but somehow when I got it here, it looked like I had a mustache, which I do not. (I am Italian, so believe me when I tell you I keep a very very close eye on that upper lip of mine.)

Today, Stockholm was a chore. I'm not sure why - residual illness, perhaps, but even though I am actually really enjoying my hair the last thing I wanted to do was take my damn picture. Alwbiste, on of my Stockholm sistas, recently asked herself how long she was planning on participating for. A month? Until she started repeating outfits? I could go for entire seasons without repeating an outfit exactly, so that one won't work for me... I think I need to set an end goal, though. If I don't know what I'm aiming for, how will I know when I get there? (Thank you, thank you - my self help book, Expressing Self Love through Trite Cliches, will be out next year.)

Maida accidentally drank some espresso