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So, about the GRE. On Saturday morning, rather than studying, my dogs and I built a blanket fort on my bed and then dragged ourselves up to stare suspiciously at the cable guy for two hours. (I have digital cable now! No, I am not a luddite. I just never got around to ordering it and I really really hate having strangers in my house.)

When the cable guy finally left me with instructions to 'push the big red button that says OnDemand to access your On Demand', I resisted the urge to push said button and reviewed my vocabulary. In retrospect, I should have pushed the button while he was still there, because it doesn't work, but that's a different story.

Then I went and took the damn test.

I started with the essay section, and I kid you not - my essay question was basically 'do you believe that you can tell what kind of ideas and opinions someone has by the way that person dresses and looks?' I managed to turn my answer into a discourse on women's magazines and fashion and body image, with a secondary theme of society believing that women want to get married more than men do. I'm going to get an A++ on that, I have no doubt.

Then - verbal. The best I can say about that section is that I knew most of the words, and some of the words that I didn't know came up when I was studying, and some of those I remembered. Really, that's it.

Then - quantitative. By quantitative, they mean 'math' - apparently they're testing your vocab even when they're pretending to test your math skills, btw. Aside from the second problem which involved square roots which are apparently the achilles heel of my brain, I did fine.

Then, unlike the SAT, I got my scores RIGHT AWAY (aside from for the essay, but as I said that one is clearly an A+++. +.)

Wanna know how I did?

There you go. Better than a whole bunch of people! Worse than a few geniuses, but I bet those people are boring, so I'm better than them too.

What does all of this mean?

reverse stockholm

Stockholm, Day 1