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Fuck you very much, Thursday

You know those confused, middle of the night moments? You wake up, or sort of wake up, and realize that your dog made a funny noise or your significant other just came back from the bathroom or your ghost did that thing with the chains and the 'oooooo'ing that he thinks is so funny? And then you go back to bed?

I had one of those last night, except that instead of a silly puppy noise or the return of Crockett, I found my temporary crown broken and pieces of it sitting on my tongue. And another piece wedged between my little minitooth and the tooth next to it. It being 4:30 am, I (quite reasonably, I think) picked the pieces off my tongue and went back to  sleep.

I woke up with the remaining pieces still in my fingers and a serious ow in my gums. My dentist doesn't open until 10, so I pried the stuck part out as best I could and am now at work.

Of course, my tooth issue distracted me from the fact that I was actually supposed to be here at 7:45 to present to a group of incoming sales people.

The fact that I was so late distracted me from the fact that my soft and delicious breakfast was sitting on the counter rather than in my bag.

The headache that my eye dilation gave me last night distracted me from putting my wallet somewhere that I would remember to take it with me.

AND. I just got an email from IT.

You are receiving this email because one or more music/video files and/or non-business related files (pictures) were found on your home drive (H: or X:) today (see screenshot below).  Also, please take the time and do a thorough cleanup of your home drive. Only keep business files pertaining to your job that need to be backed up.

Please review the data you currently have in your home share and delete these and any other inappropriate and/or non-business files.

To summarize:

I have an ugly minitooth that hurts like a mofo, no food and no money to purchase food with, I missed my first opportunity to present alone to our sales people, and I'm in trouble with IT.

So Thursday? Suck my minitooth.

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