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Crockett has given me some amazing gifts in the year+ we've been together. For example, you may remember Angel Boy from Christmas? Soon to be a tattoo?

Today, however, I want to entertain you with the story of the three necklaces he's purchased me - all of which I love and not a single one of which he picked out.

1) My first and possibly favorite is the one of a kind naked lady holding a bottle of wine necklace. I wear this one 5 out of seven days, because it's simple and silver and goes with everything. It was handmade by a woman in Boulder, and Crockett bought it for me at the Creek Fair when I realized it was made on a nickel from the year I was born and that it was a naked lady holding a bottle of wine. I am a lady, sometimes naked, and wine is my bff, so clearly the artist had me in mind when she got up in her welding or whatever technique she used to make an awesome necklace like this.

2) My darling bff-since-I-was-12-who-will-soon-be-guest-blogging-as-my-resident-mommyblogger Laura and I were shopping one day in the seriously dangerous Vie Vie Luxe in downtown Louisville. (I say dangerous because it is full of everything cute and priced just reasonably enough that you leave with arms full of things you've realized you can't live without. Or maybe that's just me.) I saw a necklace that I wanted OHSOMUCH. Laura told Crockett. Crockett purchased it for me. I wear it every day that red will be even vaguely acceptable with my outfit - usually along with #1.

3) During the Boulder Beer Scavenger Hunt, I took $20 from Crockett in case of emergencies. One of the emergencies was apparently buying necklace #3. When I showed it to him, he said 'you're welcome'.

There you go. Crockett has excellent taste in art, and the genius to buy me jewelry that I pick out for myself. This way, I get to wear jewelry I love and feel close to him at the same time. Seriously, someone give the man a medal (and you know what? Let him pick it out).

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