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about damn time

I have now had my iPad for SIX days, and I have yet to write a review of it. Negligent much?

First, the ways in which it's disappointed me. (Bad iPad, bad.)

  • Many of my most useful apps have yet to be updated for it. I'm talking to you, Facebook and Mint. Seriously, guys, where are you with this? Can I get an ETA?
  • The Wordpress website doesn't always work. Sometimes it treats the new post box like a text field, and sometimes it treats it like and object to be selected. There is a Wordpress app that's been updated for the iPad, but it sort of wants me to remember the html I learned in 10th grade. Ha. Is html even the same as it was when I was in 10th grade?
  • Kindle! Don't get me wrong, the Kindle app on the iPhone got me through some very boring waiting rooms. However, look at Kindle:

And now look at iBooks: See how iBooks lets me scroll back and forth by actual page number, down at the bottom? And that magnifying glass at the top actually lets you search the book for specific words - no more 'I seem to recall that quote being on the bottom left of a page somewhere in the middle of the book'. So if iBooks does it better, what am I bitching about? Ok, I know this goes against Apple's entire core philosophy, but let me read my Kindle books on it. If I were able to do that, I would purchase all further books on iTunes, I SWEAR - but if they don't let me switch now I may not, even with the increased functionality. Habit and all that.

Now, the ways in which I adore it.

  • There's a quote that I stole from a Happiness Project interview awhile ago - 'somewhere someone is flying' - that always makes me smile. With the Notes app, I was able to stick it to my desktop (along with a reminder to buy dog food that I've so far ignored).
  • Two words: streaming Netflix.
  • The photos app. Without a video I can't do it justice, but you've seen it elsewhere.
  • This:

  • This:

  • This:

  • This:

You may have noticed that all my compliments and complaints are app related, rather than being about the actual iPad itself.

That is because the iPad itself is flawless. It's been on for six days and plugged in for about two hours of that time, and the battery hasn't died on me yet. (I turn it off at night.) When it's horizontal, the keyboard is roughly the same size as the keyboard on my Acer 11" netbook, and I'm getting the hang of touch typing on it.

My original thought re the iPad was 'what for?' Really, I have an iPhone, a netbook, two televisions, cable, and a work laptop. Also, a shopping problem. With all of that gadgetry, I had no idea to what use I'd put the iPad.

Turns out, all uses. I read actual books on it, not just emergency waiting room books. It's a cookbook that handles spills way better than a laptop keyboard does not that I've spilled on it ok fine I have. It's a television (only ABC has an iPad specific app so far, but I heard Hulu is working on it). It's a work laptop when I don't have my work laptop, and it's an RSS reader all the time.

Basically, it's my new boyfriend. Sorry, Crockett. In other news, anyone want to buy a tv or two?

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