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I want to ride my bicycle

Yesterday, in my severely belated Sunday Talky, I mentioned that Crockett is in the Bahamas without me. Two points:

1) I have actually started calling him Crockett in real life. If you're my facebook friend, you know his real name, and yet yesterday I posted an update using the name Crockett.

2) You might be saying to yourself - 'self, wasn't he JUST gone? Doesn't he love her at ALL?'

To clear things up, I was invited along. It first came up about three weeks ago, but because of his International Man of Mystery status, Crockett had some passport issues that he had to check on... and then he couldn't decide if it would be fun... and then I mentioned that since next year I'll be a poor grad student if I did go it would probably have to replace one of the other vacations we're planning... and then we decided not to go.

And then last Wednesday (SNOW DAY WHOO HOO) he looked up from his computer and said 'I just bought a ticket to the Bahamas'.

So. There you go. I was invited, I declined, and he decided to go.

Since we don't share a bank account (thank god, because his penchant for buying last minute airline tickets would give me an aneurysm in about two seconds flat), I said 'good! You'll have fun!'

And now, of course, I'm a little pissed. For no good reason. It's just that HE'S IN THE BAHAMAS WITHOUT ME.

Sad face.

Do I have 'erotic capital'?

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