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Lately I've been toying around with ideas for changes to make to the blog. One that has mostly caught on is the Sunday Talky, but others that have continued to fester include a daily fashion photo in the style of Home Run Ballerina (who is a pastry chef in New York who looks basically exactly like me except with bigger boobs and is clearly the daughter of my family over the mountain) and more cooking (I have a whole case of Pom Wonderful that the loverly folks from Pom sent me to play around with, and I have yet to do anything except mix it with vodka - I'm thinking pomegranate pastry cream for a sort of nontraditional winter pavlova this weekend). Further ideas include using shorter sentences and fewer parentheses, and telling more of the stories that I have floating around in my repertoire that I generally save for the right situation. You know, someone is telling a story about a brothel and I can chime in with my story about a Turkish brothel. Stories like that.

Lo and behold, today Your Aunt Becky told a story about when she was in a haunted house! AND I have a story that is sort of about haunted houses! If that's not synchronicity, than I don't know what that word means.

I see ghosts.

Go ahead, chortle. Send me an email with a joke about The Sixth Sense. Whatever. It's true. It's sort of exactly except nothing like this:

Me and Crockett except really Jennifer Love Hewitt and the guy that plays Jim and a very scary ghost.

I will give you three examples and then you tell me what you believe.

1) Jumpsuit, my college boyfriend, and I were walking the paths of Golden CO one evening. There is a pretty little park across the street from the house we lived in, and we used to take Cloey for a walk there at least a couple of nights a week. One night, we're walking down the path and I see this guy heading towards us. This was when Cloey was still a really really badly behaved puppy and would occasionally try to kill passersby, unaware that her ten pound self was not particularly intimidating.

She started to get all fidgety and strain on her leash, so I picked her up to avoid an altercation that would just embarrass her. As we got closer to the guy, I got a little fidgety too - he was super tall and wearing not particularly clean or new fatigues and he hadn't done any grooming in the recent past. There was a bridge that people sometimes slept under in the direction he was heading, so I assumed that's where he's going. He made eye contact with me while he walked past, and Cloey squirmed really really hard and whined. After he was gone, I put her down and said to Jumpsuit "he was creepy".

Jumpsuit said "who?'

He was gone. And Jumpsuit never saw him.

2) Before I moved into the house across the street from the park, I lived on the east side of Golden in a house with four other girls. My room had previously been the garage, so I had my own entrance - a big heavy door that opened to the driveway. When you came in through that door, there was a little room that was supposed to be a mud room, but that I used as a closet. When I was packing up to move out of that house, I was in the closet/mudroom grabbing my stuff, and I turned around.

There was a little boy standing in the corner, behind a snowboard.

He was not a real little boy. The outside door was locked and made a HUGE noise every time it opened, being so heavy and scraping against the concrete driveway. I exited the closet through the only other door and told Jumpsuit what I saw, and when he went into the closet mere seconds later the boy wasn't there.

3) This last weekend, we were driving through the streets of Portland post-tattoo and pre-restarting the boozing.  I saw a girl with this looong beautiful almost white hair crossing a cross walk.

Taylor was looking out the same window and didn't.

There are soooo many more. I saw a little girl wave at me from the backseat of another car on the highway, and everyone else in my car said that backseat was empty. When I worked at Boulder Dinner Theater in high school, I would see people (lots of people) standing on the side of the road in Boulder Canyon on my drive home.

Since I am not insane, I believe this means I can see ghosts. Crockett is about 75% sure that I'm kidding when I tell him this, but I'm not. I'm pretty sure it's because I look so much like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

at least I'm not as sad as I used to be

blowing alley floors