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two what the hell's

1) Did you know that the headquarters of the National Hockey League is in Toronto? I swear pretty soon I'm going to stop drawing pictures. Promise. Also, I pulled this map off the internets and take zero responsibility for the spelling of Hawaii.

And yes, I know there are Canadian teams in the NHL. In that case, shouldn't we call it the I(nternational)HL? Or possibly the N(orth)A(merican)HL? Or take a page from baseball and call it Major League Hockey? Or even just let the Canadians play but have the headquarters in OUR NATION? (Yes, I realize I'm sounding a little bit tea-partier here, but this is more about semantics than national pride.)

2) Am I just missing the point of Google Buzz?

In case I was missing it, I went to watch the video that Google helpfully put together, just in case shoving in into our inboxes wasn't instruction enough.

Google, I'm with you so far. I DO like to share interesting things. Sometimes even not so interesting things (like my thoughts on the NHL coughcough).

Here's where you lose me:

I can share updates? You mean like what I share on Facebook and Twitter? And photos? Like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr? And videos? Like Youtube and Facebook?

And MORE? What more are we talking about here, Google? I can see what you're going for, I can. Really. I've even already joined you, in case this does in fact turn out to be all I could ever hope for in a social media site.

You know what it's going to take for me to stick around though? Other people to join. Everyone I can already reach through Facebook and Twitter. It's not that I don't believe you can make that happen....

Oh, except that that's exactly what I believe. I still love you though, dearest Google, really I do. And I admire your willingness to try new things. Especially this wacky fiber to the home idea.

The entire video, in case you prefer to watch for yourself.

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