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sweet thing

Remember how yesterday I was so frustrated with work that when I wasn't googling the boy's ex-girl I drew a picture of me forcing someone to walk the plank AND made jokes about scrotum kicking? I know I say this all the time, but I'm sorta thinking I need a new job.

When I'm not working, practicing derby, or playing with my sweet puppies, I actually have a small side business that I've never really pimped here. I bake cupcakes and occasionally wedding cakes and assorted dessertlike goodies. I've been doing it for a couple of years and once, I even made like $2 profit! In a year! (Don't tell the IRS, please.)

I love it and it makes me exceptionally happy, but there are all sorts of complications in selling food, including those pesky board of health folks who insist that my lovely refrigerator and sink, while perfectly adequate for everything I've ever done, are not 'commercial'. Doesn't that make it sound like I made them myself out of plywood and discarded car parts? I didn't - I bought them in an actual store. A place of commerce, even.

SO being a full time independent baker is off the table until I can scrape up the dough to upgrade my kitchen or actually buy a space that is designed for such things. Until I'm like 90, in other words. However, I do have a Colorado trade name that is perfectly serviceable, so I'm thinking it's about time I put it to additional use.

My trade name is Sweet Thing.

Other possible businesses I could call Sweet Thing?

Sweet Thing Escort Service

Sweet Thing Private Investigations

Sweet Thing Personal Shopping

Other ideas:

  • Sweet Thing Dog Walker
  • Sweet Thing Psychic (I'm not psychic that I know of, but I'm pretty sure that's not actually a prerequisite)
  • Sweet Thing Paranormal Investigations
  • Sweet Thing Private/Paranormal Investigations (this one is rapidly becoming my new favorite)
  • Sweet Thing Expediter (doesn't this sound bad ass? I could just expedite shit for people. Like... um... well, someone must know what an expediter does, right? Or did I just make this job up?)
  • Sweet Thing Buyer ("I just think it sounds cool, you know? Buyer, buying, to buy...")

That's all I got, but I'm open to suggestions. And help with my graphics which are awesome but could possibly get slightly awesomer with the help of someone whose primary tool isn't Microsoft Paint.

two what the hell's

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