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I think I need a jealousy intervention. Saturday was a weird weird night. The bout was absolutely fantastic (as I mentioned in my sunday talky), and the party bus was quite the party. I didn't really know what I was doing, and I solved more problems that I expected by flashing my volunteer badge and my RMRG tee shirt. Turns out that there are a lot of situations in which a willingness to take responsibility is all you need to get what you want. A big smile will get you pretty much everything else.

The weirdness came in when a dear friend of mine brought a dear friend of his who happened to be a dear friend of my dear boy's ex-girlfriend.

Did you catch that? Here's that roster again (with nicknames that you would find less entertaining if I explained their genesis):

Dark Room: my high school friend, who I hadn't seen for YEARS prior to my ten year high school reunion. There is a teeny tiny possibility that we did a bit of smooching at said reunion, but then I met the boy and it was game over for Dark Room.

The boy: If you don't know who the boy is, you're new to emmanation, aren't you? Welcome! Pour yourself a cup of Bailey's (splash in some coffee if you absolutely must) and start catching up! He's my guy, my main man, my sweetie. He also prefers that I don't use his name.

Castro: The girl who came with Dark Room on the party bus. Her boyfriend was also there, but I'm pretty sure he was drunk by 5:30 pm so he's not a major player.

St. Lucia: the boy's ex girl. Like, the BIG one, unlike all the random ex-boyfriends I have floating around.

Jumpsuit: that's what I'm going to start calling my college boyfriend, because he's appeared here a couple of times now and could use a nickname of his own.

All clear? So, Castro is great friends with St. Lucia. The boy and Castro used to hang all the time, and then Castro showed up with Dark Room.

What are the chances of that? Really? AND THEN, after that? Another friend of ours who showed up brought along a fellow that went to high school with Jumpsuit, who I hung out with when Jumpsuit and I were dating!

I know, this is confusing and not nearly as fascinating to you as it is to me. I'm getting there.

A) Has the universe run out of new people to introduce me to, or have I been in Denver too long?

B) When you date as an adult, you have to accept that there were loves before you. I've been in love before the boy, although I barely remember what they looked like at this point (hi honey!), and I know he was in love before me.

I'm fine with that. Really, I am.

Of course, that only seems to apply as long as I'm never ever forced to think about it. Cause, now, over a year after I met the boy, I'm suddenly obsessed with St. Lucia. I think part of it is that he's not particularly forthcoming about her- he knows everything about Jumpsuit, including the food that he hated that drove me INSANE (Celery. Who hates celery? It's like crunchy water.), the vacations we took, and the reasons that we parted ways. He also knows those things about Minnesota (my last ex), Goth (my high school ex), and  Portland (... he was in there somewhere).

I don't know anything about St. Lucia, so google is what I have. So far google has shown me that she's more educated but I have more interesting hair.

I am such a gigantic brat. Seriously, someone intervene. Like, now. Turn off google or something. Please?

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