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little Bo Peep texted me - she wants her outfit back

Um, you guys? I think I might want babies.

The whole baby thing has always been sort of a neutral issue for me. I never straight out said that I wasn't going to have children, but I always assumed that I would either wake up one day with the 'oh, it's time to have babies now' switch switched, or I just wouldn't.

Until last year, I was scared of babies. They're so lil and fragile and there are all the rules about what they can eat and they cry and people judge you for having plastic diapers or cloth diapers or no diapers (yes, the no diaper movement is a real thing in the world) and if you teach them languages or send them to the right school or the wrong school or no school... it's a lot of pressure.

There are things that I always thought would be fun about having kids. Dressing them up, for example. Naming them. Teaching them that when you take a sip of a soda pop you're supposed to say 'ahhh' and smack your lips.

Then, of course, there are the bihourly feedings. The actual process of giving birth. The little person who, unlike a dog, cannot be left alone when you feel like going out to dinner.

The concept that someone else's temper tantrum might take precedence over mine.

But last night, I was playing with other peoples kids and I grasped, possibly for the first time, that parents are just people like me. They're probably all scared of tantrums, right? But kids are people too! PARENTS AND CHILDREN ARE ALL PEOPLE JUST LIKE ME. (Shut UP, I never thought about it before.)

I had no idea. It somehow doesn't seem so scary now.

There's still the fact that I'm dating a wise, compassionate, dare-I-say feminist man who uses the phrase 'kitchen pass' when he's talking about getting his buddies to come out on a weeknight, and that fact that being a mother and having a career isn't something that corporate America is great at encouraging. There's the fact that I'm almost 29 and that means I'm rapidly reaching the point where I would be in my fifties when I was paying for college.

And of course, there's the fact that I'd have to explain it to my current babies.

And then today, Chewbacca and I had this conversation, out of the blue.

Chewbacca: you should have a bunch of kids....i think you would be a hip mom.

Emma: thanks dude. why do you say that?

Chewbacca: you like to bake. you get up early (at least you blogged something about that). you’re a runner so you will have an easy pregnancy anyway

Emma: I do get up early

Chewbacca: prolly have it in the tub between batches of cupcakes

Emma: hahahaahah. genius.

Chewbacca: are kinda filling up your weekends to keep busy...that is a sign that you are missing something in your life.

Emma: oh so you're thinking like now, huh?

Chewbacca: to have kids... yeah you are overdue like a year or so. maybe 2. 25-29 seems to be the best window to start because all that goofy partying starts to loose its glam

Emma: hmm. Ok. you convinced me

Chewbacca: your boobs will prolly get bigger

Emma: yet another upside

It's a sign. I either need babies or another dog and a boob job. I'll decide pretty soon here.

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