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The results of a British survey about rape were published Monday morning. Let's review the results. Keep in mind that this was an opt in online survey that 1061 people took, roughly three quarters of whom were women.

  • 54% of women surveyed said that rape victims are at least partially responsible for their rapes.
  • Of those women, 71% believed that a victim is to blame for rape if she voluntarily gets into bed with her rapist.
  • A third of those women said the victim is to blame if she dresses provocatively or voluntarily goes to her rapists house for a drink.
  • 13% of those women said that the victim is to blame if she dances sexily or flirts.
  • 14% believe that most rape claims are fabricated.

Men were slightly less likely to throw the victims under the bus. While more than half the men surveyed also believed victims are partially responsible, only 57% of those said that a victim is to blame if she gets into her rapist's bed. I wasn't able to find the remainder of the opinions for men, possibly because not enough responded to make it statistically significant.


Rape is an act of violence, and the ONLY person responsible for an act of violence is the person who commits that act.

No. Matter. What.

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