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thoughts while watching black devil doll

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See what I did there? Yeah, that's because I didn't watch it.

This week in the ts/en/yisy/ssv* movie club, it was Andrew's turn to pick. We went with the inimitable Black Devil Doll.

As much as I would like to say that one of us said 'no dear god no!', that didn't happen. It pretty much went like this.

Andrew: Sorry for the delay. I'm drawing a blank on picking a new one. "Black Devil Doll" piqued my interest, but I'm not sure how everyone feels about blaxploitation movies.

Sam: i forgot to add, what does everybody think about limiting it to instant netflix movies?  it seems when we rely on physical copies, something always turns foul.

Andrew: That may be a bit restrictive (I only say this because Black Devil Doll is not a watch instantly movie and I just read a review that makes me want to watch and write about it).

Sam: well let's roll with digital video disc technology this round then, and watch us some devil doll!

Andrew: Post a week from monday, 1/25? Or can we get this done for the coming monday, 1/18?

Sam: im gonna say the 25th, because i'm not an ambitious man.  anyone want to test my laziness?

Emma: No way on the 18th- birthday celebrations galore.

There you go. Given every opportunity to say 'hmmm, maybe we should skip the blaxploitation' Sam and I both just rolled with it.

Then Jason watched it. He was on the email string above, but didn't participate, and he was the first to receive the now infamous digital video disc from Netflix.

He may actually be quitting movie club. That's how bad it was.

I sent mine back unwatched based on the strength of his reaction, but Sam and Andrew decided to power through.

Apparently the devil doll hates women, and the person who made the movie hates women and black people, and everyone hates Patrick Dempsey.

We're so embarrassed right now. My only saving grace is that through sheer forgetfulness, I forgot to post that this was our pick and therefore (dear god I hope) none of you watched it. If you did, my most sincerest of apologies. We are not into hate, as a movie club or as individuals, and if you watched it because we picked it we owe you BIG time. I will blog on the topic of your choice as a reward. Heck, we all will. All four of us (assuming Jason starts talking to us again). Just let us know.

To quote Sam: please don’t watch this movie.

Emmanation rating: dear god please do not watch this movie.

*If you can think of a fantastic anagram that uses those letters for us to use as a movie club name, you will be forever loved.

we are SO unpopular right now