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last one - promise

I swear. After this you will never see the words Black Devil Doll on this blog ever again.

Remember yesterday when I basically said 'to each his own'? That was before someone logged on as the black devil doll and said that he'd "give it to me hard". And said that people who take a doll raping a woman seriously is stupid.

People who don't take a doll raping a woman seriously don't understand what rape is. People who think that exploitation is like pizza don't understand exploitation. I'm actually a little disgusted with myself for giving them so much space, but I can't let these comments go by. Never again, though - there's not a lot lower they can go from here.

This was fun yesterday. Now it's just awful. Remember how classy the writer of Gingerdead Man was when Sam panned his movie? Hat tip to that fellow.

Really, Apple? Really?

we are SO unpopular right now