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I'm just going to apologize in advance

I downloaded Picasa a couple of days ago to organize the 17 kajillion pictures that I've collected since I left college. Picasa has this truly magical facial recognition algorithm that pretty much blows my mind. For example, it recognized both of these pictures as me.

Of course, it also thought this was me.

So yeah, that one kind of makes sense. This one, though....

To summarize, Picasa's facial recognition algorithms are both magical and occasionally kind of insulting.

It has, however, helped me locate every single picture of my dear girls.

This is where the apology in the title line comes in. Maida, the one on the right, currently smells like something crawled into her stomach and died. If I could swap her for the non-stinky version I remember from that picture, I would do it in a split second.

I have been so lucky with Cloey these past eight years, but I think it might be time to call a vet and find out what the whole anal gland squeezing is about. Yeah, I just said anal, gland, and squeezing in one sentence.

Again, I apologize.

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