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Remember how I said that 2009 was the year I started to just adore other bloggers? Temerity Jane in particular? Today her most hilariousness posted about the silliness that happens inside of a couple. She says "I realized I kind of unconsciously feel bad for other couples and assume that they are, in fact, stifled in that way. That there’s no possible way that they’re silly with each other the way that Phil and I are." She then goes on to realize that of course that can't conceivably be true - that most couples must have some silliness somewhere and she just hasn't seen it.

The boy and I just aren't all that silly. It clearly can't be because I'm not silly (I still tell the pirate jokes to coworkers and then laugh hysterically, I shake my ass at inanimate objects to make them think I'm sexy, and I'm a 5 foot tall woman who joined ROLLER DERBY, for heaven's sake) and I'm pretty sure he has the capacity to be silly as well... so it must be that we're just not silly together.

One of my all time favorite scenes in Grey's Anatomy is when Burke comes home from a run to find Cristina dancing to her iPod while brushing her teeth and joins in.


Maybe there's silliness I'm forgetting about. I think we're mostly about intellectual discussion, though. Honestly. The other day in the car we spent over an hour discussing the relative definitions of intelligence and the individual's capacity for the same.


Which is not to say he doesn't make me laugh - he does, all the time. But it's usually from smartness, not silliness. (Yes, I said smartness. Yes, I am smart.)

Next time I see him, I'm going to shake my ass at him while telling him a pirate joke.  We'll see how it goes.

P.S. I said I'd finish my review from yesterday, didn't I. Ok, here goes. I was totally lying about what I ate on that first date because I do not remember. I also do not remember what I ate on the second date, because that guy sucked more than the first one and I was concentrating on getting the hell out of there. The third date was with the boy and was absolutely perfect, and I had a hamburger and he had the scallop special and I had wine and he had a Manhattan and we're still dating and The Empire is my favorite restaurant and you should go. Love, Emma the food critic.

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