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I have a list of naughties bests that I'm working on, but it's still in a little bit of flux, so I'm going to save it for when I'm done with this one. Remember last year, when I did a best of 2008 post? That was fun, let's do it again!  (Also, if you've been reading my blog for a year, bless you, I love you, many many smooches I am bestowing upon you.)


-The movie club started this year! We reviewed sooo many truly horrific movies, I'm not even going to list them all.

- I loved Coraline more than .... well, definitely more than the six year old that was in the theater with us at 9 on a Sunday night. The six year old that cried to his grandparents that he wanted to leave RIGHT NOW early in the film, and was told to wait it out because Coraline would win in the end. The same six year old that literally made a break for it when Bad Mommy turned into Bad Spider Mommy. I definitely loved it more than that kid, for sure.


- What's that, Nathan Fillion? You'd like to sweep me off to a tropical island for a beach wedding and an eternity of happily ever after? Hm...let me thinkabou-Ok. Let's go. No, of course I don't need to pack anything, we won't be wearing clothes. Obviously. Where's the limo?


-For me, this has been the year of discovering other bloggers. Temerity Jane, Aunt Becky and The Bloggess are my personal favorites for both their hilarity and their ability to whine about being sick with a frequency and enthusiasm that puts mine to shame.


-It has been an AWESOME year for books, especially compared to last year. My two favorites were:

Social Phenomena

-Yes, I am in enormous buckets full of love, thank you for asking.

-I'm a Rocky Mountain Rollergirl! I heard through the insanely frequently updated yahoo user group that one of the newbies has already passed her skills test... the gauntlet has been thrown. 2009 will forever be the year I started roller derby.


- Maida is people, shut UP.

Best of the Naughties

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