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paranormal activity

Theoretically, today is film club day. I picked the movie to fit with the season - Santa's Slay. Looks classy huh.

When I picked it, it was the only Netflix Christmas related horror movie that was supposed to be available immediately and that and the scary ass Santa cover was enough for me. However, Netflix has foiled me yet again.

Not that Pieces, Ginger Snaps, and MST3000 weren't fabulous, but seriously, Netflix? I suspect they have but a single copy, and because the remainder of the movie club beat me to it, Andrew did manage to review Santa's Slay, and I have it on good authority that Sam will have posted his version by Monday night, so go check em out. I will eventually review it (perhaps), but today I'm going to review Paranormal Activity instead because that's what was available at RedBox.

If you weren't aware, this film was something of a social media darling. Facebook and Twitter got it a release many many times larger than it could have gotten on it's own, considering it's rumored budget of $15,000. It earned over $100 million in the box office. Locally, the only time I could have gone to see it was at midnight. I am so glad I didn't.

This movie is fucking terrifying.

Katie and Micah (which I've always pronounced My-ka but in the movie is pronounced Mee-ka - freaks) are a couple in San Diego with a really nice house and a demon that has been bugging Katie, on and off, since she was 8 and may or may not have burned her house down. The movie opens with them purchasing a video camera to record what happens, and to prove to themselves that they're not imagining it.

They are normal people, and that's what makes this so insanely freaky. Katie is a little pudgy and has great hair and is mostly nice to Micah, and Micah is mostly sweet to Katie but is also sort of a frat boy I-can-fix-anything type. Which apparently the demon takes offense to, judging by the escalating level of his activity in their house. The action is never blood-on-the-walls floating-knives stuff, it's all slow, walking around in the dark, nightmare stuff. I can't even quite explain it.

There were people who found it overrated and not at all frightening. To those people, I say "have you no soul? Are you not human? Did you NOT WATCH THE LAST 30 SECONDS??"

To everyone else, I say - if you're a big fan of sleep, you might want to skip it. Just an idea.

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