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I will face the world alone and never be lonely

This is (sort of) a good year for women in Hollywood. I mean, it's still a crappy year, but comparatively speaking it's better than most. I was going to write about how even though many fabulous women were nominated for various Golden Globe awards this year, it's still sort of bullshit that Paramount and Warner Bros didn't release a single movie directed by a woman this year. Neither did Miramax or Focus Features. A slight improvement is not actually a solution, people, and giving women more awards does not make up for giving them fewer chances. But I'm kind of distracted. I'm the only person from my team working this week, which means I'm doing all those little catch-all things that are usually split between four or five people. Sales needs something checked because their VPN isn't working? Sure, I'm happy to be the customer service line every once in awhile. A system needs updating and no one else with a password is in? Hit me - I'm happy to do the work of interns as long as I keep getting my non-interny type paycheck.

So... I don't feel capable of building a coherent argument about directors and women in film and the strong old-boys-club that still operates in many many industries, mine included, although I may revisit this topic in the future.

What I do feel like saying is I just recently realized something about myself. I love horror movies. I buy them, rent them, stream them, drag the boy to them with me, and just generally metaphorically roll around in them like Donald Duck rolls around in his piles of mula. I couldn't have told you why - when asked, I usually said something about adrenaline and not liking movies to be too serious blahblah. While that's true and I do love my horror-movie-related increased heart rate, I also just love love love them women. There is no other genre where I can almost be guaranteed that the plot will be built around a strong woman fighting her way through obstacles. Fine, those obstacles are sometimes chainsaw wielding maniacs, but the only other type of movie that even comes close is romantic comedy.

And I personally don't consider trying to find a boyfriend to be an obstacle on par with a escaping from a chainsaw wielding maniac.   Yes, there is a dearth of good men out there and man alive I remember how much it sucked looking for one... but still. Chainsaw, people.

I'm going a milking, sir, she said