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I haven't posted since NaBloPoMo ended. I have no excuse at all because I have quite literally been on vacation for the last TEN DAYS. Don't worry though, you didn't miss much.

That last is most critical because the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls tryout is tomorrow. Tomorrow, loves. I bought me some skates, I became as capable as is possible for a clumsy 28 year old with no experience and a month to learn, and I picked some possible derby names. (You may think that last one is jumping the gun a little. One time, my friend Mark and I were debating what one decision we'd want to be in charge of for everyone in the world. Mark ended up going with vacations, so you should check in with him before you buy those tickets to Disneyland - he may have other plans. I chose naming - as in I'd get first whack at naming every baby, dog, and boat in the world. Cats and stuff too, but I'd probably let other people name cats. I'm obsessed with naming things. My car, house, and orchids have names. It's a sickness. )

Anyway, I did what I could. The only thing I still have to decide is what to wear and how much whiskey to drink in the car prior to going in and lacing up. I had a couple of very cute outfits picked out, but sadly they're contraindicated by the fact that I'll be in a warehouse and it will be 5 degrees outside. If anyone has any tips about how to look cute while wearing many many layers, now would be a great time to bust em out. Bonus points if they have pockets to conceal a flask.

I may be in way over my head here. I have no idea what the turnout is going to be like and what the level of talent is, or what they're going to expect. We were instructed not to bring pads, so either I won't be getting knocked down or they want to see how hard it is to make me cry....

How bad can it be?

I believe in a thing called love

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