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The fascinating story of things I did today while working and waiting for an interview that ended up being postponed (after I dressed up and everything!).

1) I had an IM conversation that taught me that I have big blogger balls and that my posts are infinite. And that Facebook can be super depressing, even when they're not suggesting you befriend your dead friends or rate large breasted women.

(10:10:22) Workbuddy I saw you blogging about LUV (10:10:26) emmanation did you read it? (10:10:29) emmanation it wasn't really about love (10:10:34) emmanation it was more about fun (10:10:42) Workbuddy hmmmm (10:10:45) Workbuddy sure (10:10:54) Workbuddy did your boy buy that? (10:11:12) emmanation i'm not sure he read it (10:11:19) emmanation but he knows i love him (10:11:30) emmanation so it's not like it'll be any huge surprise even if it was more serious in parts (10:17:30) Workbuddy I think your blogs are way funny.....but I always wonder what else is buried between the lines.....Me personally would never put such a thing on the internet. So you have bigger balls than I. (10:18:08) Workbuddy I know you love him. I am just saying that to write a blog like that on the topic meant that the extent of your love is on your brain. (10:18:20) emmanation I spose :) (10:18:22) Workbuddy interesting.... (10:18:25) emmanation why wouldn't you put it on the internet? (10:19:43) Workbuddy I dunno. not me I guess......emotions like that change. It is like on fb how someone writes "please pray for me...." then they do not update their status for a week......that kinda depresses jeez I hope they made it..... (10:20:03) Workbuddy so when you put it on the WWW it is kinda infinite until the next one.

(And yeah I just now realized that I'm putting his words out on the internet, right where he said he wouldn't put them himself. But he made some salient points, so I'm going to leave it up.)

2) I sent a link of the NY Times article Sex Addict: Confessions of  a Toxic Bachelor to my thrice divorced coworker when I meant to send him a link to this.

3) I ate an entire sleeve of Saltines and made a pretty significant dent in a second.




This is but a sampling of what a day in the life of yours truly is like.  Jealous? Yeah, I figured.



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