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I am definitely too old to play Rock Band until 2 am.  Even though it is clearly the mostest awesomest game ever. I am tired and lazy and am doing the one thing that makes me feel better, no matter how out of whack I am.

Baking cookies.

I'm making palmiers and some modified sacristans. If I were the fabulous photographer that I am in my head, I would take pictures and show you, but in real life I'm of the blurry-and-poorly-lit school of picture taking. I would love to be a good photographer, but I think it's probably more useful to be a good baker, because as you see below, it's a lot easier to steal pictures from the internet than it is to steal cookies from the internet.

If you were here, what you'd be seeing would look something like this:

On a completely unrelated note,  last night while we were at the funnest birthday dinner ever (happy birthday Matthew!) I told a story about when I went ice skating and I saw a girl cut open the inside of her leg with her skate and bleed all over the ice. I am excellent at appropriate dinner conversation.

david duchovny, why won't you love me

hakuna matata