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there's got to be a new kind of Turkish Delight

I'm doing the Baghdad boogie! Ok, not really. Because if I were, that would likely mean I was a young women dressed up like a harem girl in the basement of the town council building in what is possibly the weirdest town ever, dancing around with the gigantic janitor/furnace maintenance man Abdullah. Or possibly dancing in his imagination. If you have not watched Big Meat Eater, the previous three sentences probably made less sense than if you have. In other words, Sam, Andrew, and Jason, I hope you thought that was funny - everyone else, sorry.

Are you in the mood to watch nerds sing, German immigrants somehow raise young men with Australian accents, and people get killed very very slowly, non gruesomely, and apparently indiscriminately? Then this flick is for you!

Some minor highlights and quotes include:

  • the nerdy butcher creating a new universal language that will make it easier to communicate with extra terrestrials
  • "now ladies, don't worry. there's plenty of meat to go around."
  • an alien craft that I'm fairly sure the aliens picked up at Spenser Gifts
  • radioactive balonium
  • some of the best dancing that I've ever seen done in a trailer
  • the German trying to get his wife excited about a new house by telling her that it will have a built in pirogi roller
  • .... and more!

Really, this movie slices, dices, cooks, cleans, steams, and shines. I insist that if you have Netflix watch now and have an hour and twenty minutes free with absolutely no alternative activities available, you must go watch it.

Emmanation rating: Suspiciously meaty cupcakes with musical birthday candles.

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