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The single best thing that happened this week was, without a doubt, the derby.


Septemeber_09 087

My darling adventurous mother and my sweetpea Shovonda* accompanied me in my quest to make sure that I wasn't going to get in WAY over my head when I try out.


Septemeber_09 082

They loved it just as much as I did, even though I drank two beers, mom drank one, and Sho had absolutely zero.


Septemeber_09 096

I would post more pictures of the game, but what with the speedy rollin and the unzoominess of the iPhone camera, none are really worth looking at. The game, however, absolutely was.

After seeing a game, my conclusion is that not only COULD I do this, but I WANT to do this. The women seemed like besties-waiting-to-happen. The fans were dedicated and fun. The drag queen selling raffle tickets had those floopy nerf ball thingies in her bra.

I'd tell you more, but I have to go buy some skates. And work on a name. I'm thinking Maida Hater, but am still wide open to suggestions.

*Shovonda is not her real name. Last night when I told her she'd be in the blog today, she requested that she could pick up her own nickname, and this is what she chose. Any spelling mistake is mine.




broken shmoken token

remember when I used to be cool?