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oh right

I forgot to get the things I'm thankful for in writing. Spoiler warning: mostly mushy and not particularly funny. I'm thankful for my family: that my mom and dad are literally close by and that my brother and I are close enough that his living in Portland doesn't stop us from being friends. I'm thankful for all the time I got to know my Grandpa and how much my Grandma still loves him, even though he's gone. I know it's hard for her, but I'm always going to be thankful for that kind of love when it intersects my life.

I'm thankful for the family I chose: my best friends, both furry and not, and the sweetheart that is the boy.

I'm thankful for all the silly things that make me happy: Eastwick (even though it's cancelled), Under the Dome on audio book, and everything else that happened this year that I've since forgotten about.

I'm thankful for the toughness that I got from somewhere (thanks again mom and dad) that enabled me to fall down today, bang up my knees, break/strain/dislocate my thumb, and keep skating. Also, I'm thankful for roller skates, and for being in a position in my life that I can take up a sort of expensive sort of dangerous pretty hard new hobby just because I feel passionately about it.

I'm thankful for all those lovely people on the periphery of my life. Even if they never become besties, I am better and happier for knowing each one of them.

.... I think that's all. I mean I'm thankful for lots more stuff, like 30% of sweaters at Gap and Banana tomorrow, but that doesn't really seem Thanksgiving worthy. So yeah, that's all.


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