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Hey everybody, it's NaBloPoMo! That's National Blog Posting Month, for those of you that don't require everything you write, say, or read to be condensed to it's shortest possible length. U no wat I mean? Basically, every single day in the month of November I will be putting up a post. Halloween hangover? Post. (This is sooo much worse than the candy hangovers I used to get. Give me a sugar crash any day of the week.) Tofurky and red wine tryptophan coma? Post. Have nothing interesting at all to say (like every day this last week)? Post.  This sounds awesome, huh.  Fortunately I will have the brotherly support of the tiniest sprinter - he's doing it too.

While I considered making this my entire post for the day and returning to laying on the couch moaning, I did want to show you one thing in the spirit of Sunday Best.

I want this.

And this.

Thank you,, for allowing me to bring my horror movie obsession to rooms where it never before existed.

if it was a murder, how did they get him up there in the first place?

kitten not everyone's keen on lighting candle seventeen