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love hurts

I did it. I went to see New Moon. New Moon, I love you. I would go see you again if I ... well, I will go see you again if anyone wants to go with me.

I read several reviews before going, because I didn't know that I would be going. It was sort of a last minute some of my mommy friends got free so lets go see it kinda thing. I was all 'well sure if you ladies want to see it, I could sit through it... I mean I'm not a Twihard or anything but I read the books'.

Remember how people use to say 'my bad'? I always hated that and won't say it, but if I did say it, now is when I would say it.

Because New Moon was fucking fantastic.

I'm not even going to google Taylor Lautner to find out how old he is, because there is no answer that isn't going to make me feel like a dirty old woman. I think I literally moaned the first time he took his shirt off. Even if the movie had sucked, he would have made it worth it.

The reviews I read all said that it was just slow - slow enough that you lost interest. To those reviewers I say 'pahh'. Yes, pahh. Pahh because they clearly were not paying attention when Jacob and Laurent ran into each other for the first time, for example. Nor did they notice the subtle face twitches that made Bella actually look like the cranky overly emotional teenager that she is.

Don't get me wrong, I still hate Bella. I still find her dependent and kinda whiny and clearly a shitty friend to anyone who isn't a vampire. Which is why I'm glad that she's going to stick with Edward and leave Jacob for me. He's too good for her.

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