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I'll buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair

Last night Shovonda took me to see Kathy Griffin. She was fucking hilarious. Dirty mouthed and just beyond description. My favorite part was at the very beginning when she apologized to the "four straight men in the audience". She said that they would have absolutely no understanding of 98% of what came out of her mouth. To make it up to them, she exhorted the women who had forced them to come along to 'blow them like a gay man'. I swear to God, she literally said 'when you get home, ladies, blow them so hard you throw up a little in your hand afterwards. Four straight men, you're welcome'. The whole show was like that. I loved it like whoa. I just stopped home from an early evening outing with the following:

The boy.

The boy's brother and wife and two sons (2 and 4) and daughter (1).

Husband1 and wife1 and two sons (2 and 4).

Husband2 and wife2 and daughter (3).

Husband3 and wife3 and two daughters (2? and 5?).


Southern Sun, you were excellent. Even when a piece of cake falling on the floor was punctuated by a scream that made the pregnant lady at the bar ask for a beer, you were fantastic. We had a great time.

Also, I almost killed the boy's niece by letting her chew on a coaster with her two tiny brand new teeth. I'm not having babies. Good thing there are so many around for me to play with.

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