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Yesterday's request for topics that would make my blog worthwhile and hilarious was HUGELY successful. I was totally going to take @toestor 's idea and write a Sesame Street interview today. I picked my favorite character and everything! Then I found out that Miss Piggy wasn't on Sesame Street and also that I'm apparently culturally retarded. So I'm going to pick someone new, but not today.

I'm also going to tell you all about the lovely time that I had in Napa Valley, which is the picture in my header. But... not today.

Today I'm going to summarize the interview I had this morning. It was an interview for an internal job, so the interviewer is also a coworker.

Prospective New Boss (PNB): Let me tell you about the job. It's awesome and you'd totally love it. What's your communication style?

Me: Um...

PNB: That was a very vague question, wasn't it. I meant which of these two equally good sounding types of communicators are you?

Me: Oh, definitely that second good type.

PNB: Hm.

Me: But I could work on being the first type.

PNB: Hm.

Me: I'm a great communicator. I communicate all day long. I could communicate your ass off if you'd give me a chance.

PNB: Ok, you know that specific problem in our industry that everyone in the company is currently trying to solve? All of our competitors are trying to solve it too, of course. No one has figured it out. Tell me how to solve it.

Me: Basically by being awesome and telling everyone that we're awesome more loudly than everyone else.

PNB: Ok. What's your ideal job look like?

Me: You mean other than exactly like the way you described this job? Well, I like people and work and being nice and responding to emails and getting stuff done... so something that includes those things. Also, something that doesn't mean I come home smelling like french fry grease would be good.

PNB: Great. The HR person will contact you to set up a second interview. I'm interviewing lots of people and I want to have this decided by the first week of December and I'm out tomorrow, half of next week, half of the week after that, and the whole week after that.

Me: Wow... so that leaves like .... four days in which we could conceivably have a second interview, and in which you're going to continue doing your job AND interviewing the 'tons' of other people who applied for the job?

PNB: Yes.

Yeah, I'm holding my breath.

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