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Did you hear the news about Lindsay and Samantha? That's Lohan and Ronson, in case you're not a nutball twitter gossip addict like yours truly. So Samantha says this on twitter:

A little bit later Lindsay retorts with:

There is so much drama here I barely know where to start. However, the salient point is that how unhappy do you have to be to use twitter to back up a lie you're telling your lover, just to get out of the house? Admittedly I have no idea what their relationship is like - but that's the thing about twitter. It starts to give you a pretty good idea. Lindsay is emotional and prone to outburst and overshares. Sam, not so much.

I want to bring Lindsay Lohan home with me. I want her to meet a nice girl who doesn't lie to the whole world just to lie to her. I want Sam to go do... whatever it is that Sam does.

Ahh twitter. Making celebrities more like friends, one day at a time. Friends who don't know we exist.


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