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I, like the rest of the United States, am trying to save money. I could get laid off, and then I could fail to find another job, and then I could miss a mortgage payment... and then before you know it, me and Cloey and Maida would be on the side of the road with a hilarious sign begging for money. adorable puppy dog face

That's a situation I'd prefer to avoid, so other than my fantastic new roller skates....

riedell vandal quad speed skates

I'm not spending money. At all. Cept on, you know, necessities like beer and clothes and stuff.

Which brings me to my problem.





My credit cards are going into the freezer in a gigantic block of ice, Shopoholic style. Even that may not be enough to keep me away from all this adorableness.





winner of the blind taste test

can you mime dead?