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Remember a little while ago I had an interview? If you recall, I didn't end it feeling particularly upbeat. The Prospective New Boss closed with telling me I could expect to see official internal interviews pop up on my calendar any day now. For days and days, that did not happen, and I was not shocked. Then yesterday, it did! Not just one, but TWO interviews were scheduled for this week. So either I didn't blow that first one as badly as I thought, or no one else applied for the job and I'm getting interviews by default. I prefer to believe the prior, for obvious reasons.

My interviewer today was actually a friend of mine - lets call him Buddy On The Team. BOTT doesn't work for PNB, but he does work with him every day and did interview the other candidates. He and I have been at several joint happy hours and he gave me the lowdown on the job prior to my applying, so I expected this to be a serious softball. As you can tell from this word for word transcript:

BOTT: Hey! How's it going? Sorry I'm late.

Me: No worries.

BOTT peruses my resume, clearly for the first time.

BOTT: Huh. I didn't know any of this about you, but clearly you're a pimp.

Me: Awesome. Wanna go get a beer?

BOTT: I should probably ask you a couple of questions.

Me: Sigh.

BOTT: Ok, how about you answer this: [hardest question ever]?

Me: ... seriously?

BOTT: Yeah.

Me: [Best answer ever]

BOTT using a Barney Stinson voice: NAILed it!

Me: I know, right?

End of interview.


It's possible that that's not exactly what happened - but what are the chances of that?


my feelings are hurt

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