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You would probably die if you were shot up nine miles high

Today is a great day, loves. I survived the doctor, I haven't had anything at work make me want to pull a Selina Kyle, and the sun is shining. Also, the internets are rockin. A mere sample of the fun things that have come up in my RSS feed today:

Twilight is so addictive because we (we being woman of the Twihard variety) really want to have sex with our gay male friends, says Esquire. Jezebel and DoubleX disagree. As does my friend who really is a Twihard. Her exact words were "Yeah. I pretty much don't want any gay guys. Just Edward."

Edward Cullen, looking hot. And straight. And I can tell that hes straight because...

People are surprisingly adept at assessing sexual orientation from headshots. Not so much figuring out whether or not someone is a psychopath, turns out.

Being emotional and having a good sense of smell are apparently linked in women. I am a big ol bag of emotional and I smell every damn thing that wafts my way, so I'm going to give these researchers a thumbs up.

It's still Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Companies are still using breast cancer as a marketing tool. Not all of them are actually putting your money towards cancer research. Just fyi.

Barbies sometimes prefer other Barbies to Ken. At least here they do.

The other ones are... dirtier. These are the post-coital snuggling lesbian Barbies, I think.

I just love Fred Basset. Specially his ears.

The woman who gave me Lorelai and Rory is writing a new show for HBO. Be still my beating heart and fast talking mouth.

If you're reading this then you — or the male you have bought it for — are the worst man in history. If this is the prologue then I can't wait to read the whole book! I love it when authors insult their readers!

Turns out the Ralph Lauren model who was the center of this whole over-photoshopped debacle was fired six months ago for being too fat. No, really. She was apparently the completely unacceptable weight of 120 lbs, at a height of 5'10". (That's a BMI of 17.2, in case you're wondering. My doctor told me today that while under 18 is officially underweight, 20-25 is considered healthy. She told ME to gain weight, and my BMI is definitely more than Filippa Hamiltons.)

Sort of makes this seem a little less 'accidental', doesn't it? Lame, Ralph Lauren. Lame.


That's all I got. Muah.

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