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As I was typing my title, I got a direct message on twitter. google wave 1

Doesn't make sense, does it. Ok, well what if I told you that before he wrote that to me, he wrote:

google wave 2That's right, ladies and gentlemen. I may have had SEVERAL major freakouts today, on such topics as:

  • I hate to go to the doctor and I have to go tomorrow. For a regular check up, not anything crucial.
  • I haven't changed my furnace filter since... well, I've actually never changed my furnace filter. I think someone else may have at one point - but now that I think about it I realize that the last time I looked down into my creepy-dark-scary crawlspace a filter was sitting on top of the furnace. So it's actual possible that my furnace is currently filterless. I almost left work early just to deal with this because all of a sudden it seems like an emergency. If it is no one tell me, ok? At least not until I've replaced it.
  • I found out something stupid at work that makes me feel even less important than I already felt. The good news from last week has evaporated into the 'things-your-boss-tells-you-so-you-won't-cry' fog of corporate baloney (and for baloney, read 'bullshit').
  • My work buddy pointed out that I don't exactly hide my blog and it's possible that the boss-who-almost-made-me-cry might, at some point, read it.
  • I failed at the movie club. I was supposed to review It's Pat for yesterday and I didn't. I don't have it, I don't know where to get it - I'm a gigantic movie club loser.
  • I ate Noodles for lunch and now I feel all greasy. I thought I was done with that nasty I-have-to-wash-my-face feeling when I became a vegan - apparently not.
  • I offered to pick up Noodles for one of my coworkers since we were going to the same lunch meeting. When I brought it back he said 'thanks for lunch'. Apparently I bought him lunch.
  • The font of the papers I have to read soonish is too small.

There's more, but you get the gist. However, I apparently now get to play with GOOGLE WAVE. I do not personally know @heyrich - he's in Boulder and I like to follow the locals. He does not personally know me but apparently he just likes making people happy.

Because I am. Happy, I mean. At least until the next completely not-that-bad thing happens. Yay.

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