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Do you know what I have been waiting for all my life?  iTunes Genius. I should explain that I am a highly exacting and therefore irritating song controller person. An ex-boyfriend of mine would flat out refuse to relinquish iPod control while in the car because I change songs like a stereotypical advertisement 'man' changes television channels. It's not that I'm fickle, it's just that every song reminds me in one tiny way of a song that would be SO MUCH BETTER right now. (Wait, what's the definition of fickle?) It takes about twenty seconds for me to recognize the song, get a craving for a different song, find that song, and start it playing. Which means that on the rare occasions that we got to lyrics, it went something like this:

bumm bumm ">diddie bumm And I'm-

whhoooowhooo Today is-

shiiiishhiiiii sh baa Hang your-

etc etc. Isn't irritating to me, but apparently stopping a song right when it starts to get its groove on is sort of off putting.

This, darlings, is where Genius comes in. It's sort of like Pandora using only your library. I realize I may be explaining this to people who are ALL over it, but since as of ten minutes ago the tiniest sprinter didn't know what it was, so I'll continue.

Here's what happens. Sam says something to me about the best music of the 90s and I say well obviously my list of 15 songs is going to be all Wilco cause they rocked in the 90s and then while he's telling me that using the same artist more than once is against the rules I'm thinking man I really want to listen to Jesus, Etc.

Instead of putting that song on and then immediately having to switch it because I really need to listen to Crown of Love, I just let it play. Why? Because when I start a Genius playlist using Jesus Etc, iTunes puts Crown of Love on the playlist for me! As well as some Vampire Weekend, some Alexi Murdoch, some more Wilco, some andrew bird, some Postal Service etc. All bands that I would have jumped to on my own.

Sadly, the reason that Genius works so well for me is because I'm exactly like everyone else. When you enable Genius you give Apple access to your library, and they compare you to other people. I guess. I'm not super clear on it, to be honest - I can't find an explanation that goes deeper than "Apple suggests a playlist based on the scanned libraries and listening habits of other iTunes users". Whatever. Those people have fantastic taste in music. I would prefer my pre-googling explanation that my iPhone is psychic, but I'll take what I can get.

Genius has saved me from a life of 30 second snippets. Yay.

Huh. Second post this week about Apple. I'm not a schill - swear. I mean, Apple, if you want to pay me to say these things I won't say no... but I guess I'm just extra in love this week.

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