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I'm back at work. Hence, minimal feminist blog reading and a slightly less pissed off Emma. Everybody wins except the bloggers I love so much. I still don't feel great, but I just did something I'm very proud of. I took all of my pissed offedness, I channeled it into some constructive requests, and I sat down with my boss. Lo and behold, I have a new responsibility that is, as one of my many mentors put it,  a 'thankless clusterfuck'. You know what, though? It's my thankless clusterfuck, and I will gladly take it. Anyway, I think he's exaggerating because ... well, that's the kind of person he is. Yes, this responsibility is a mess, but that's because everyone is paying attention to it but no one owns it. No longer, darlings - Emma is on the case.

Annyyyhow. Some other things that are making me happy to be alive today.

  • I called my doctors office to make an appointment for a regular old (girly parts) checkup, and I got a voicemail that said 'many of our employees are out sick. Please leave a message and we'll return your call as soon as we're able.' This may be the end of the world via swine flu, folks, and I'm pretty sure I just survived it. Yay. And yes, it's awful that I think it's cool that people are sick. Let me have my moment.
  • I'm torn on my halloween costume.

    Coraline or....

  • My darling bff just read Twilight for the first time and was embarrassed to tell me, but broke down and spilled. She was all prepared to talk me into giving it a shot, but I confessed that I too devoured (poor choice of words in this situation?) all four books in a two week period. We then spent twenty minutes giggling on the phone like a couple of Twihards while her two year old burbled to herself in the background.
  • I look SUPER cute today.
  • I just got an app for my iPhone that tracks all of my outfits and when I wore them. Yes, I'm a gigantic nerd - we've covered this. I get to name each outfit and I have some seriously fabulous names. Here is a mere sample:

Today I'm wearing Schoolgirl. You can't see it in this shot, but my personal favorite is Hot Dog with Mustard. It's actually a damn cute outfit, name notwithstanding.

That's all. If you haven't read the tiniest sprinter's most recent race report, here's a spoiler: he fell on his face but makes it funny. Also, if you have any love for animals at all - dear god do NOT read the P.S.S.


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