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what in the world happened to you?

I'm going through a funk. It happens to everyone, but there might be something about this time of year that encourages it because I happen to know I'm not the only one.  I'm looking for ways to get out of said funk, and if they work I'll share them with my funkified friends. Here's what I've come up with so far.

1) Stop bitching. It just reinforces whatever I'm upset  about. This one is a shame because I sort of rock at bitching, but I'm going to work on it. Really.

2) Stop drinking. As the tiniestsprinter pointed out, it very rarely actually improves your mood.

3) Take better care of my loved ones. My Clo was sick on Monday and I took some time off work that I really couldn't afford to take her to the vet, and I'm very glad I did that.

4) Stop spending money all willy nilly. The idea that treating myself to make myself feel better only works until the novelty of the treat has worn off.

5) Listen to music I haven't heard in a long time. For example, right now I'm listening to Pandora and my station is Reel Big Fish, and it rocks like very little has ever rocketh before.

6) Take better care of myself. This and the 'taking better care of my loved ones' is where the vegan thing comes in, I think.

7) Exercise! I'm sucking at this one this week because my marathon is on Sunday and I'm working on being well rested, and that definitely has to do with the funk.

I think that's all.  I sort of let my happiness project fall by the wayside, but I'm going spend the rest of this month working on cultivating friendships. Steps I'll take towards that goal (courtesy of Gretchen Rubin):

  • Say hello, use good manners
  • No gossip (ouch)
  • Listen, smile, stop talking
  • Cut people slack
  • Bring people together
  • Work to make new friends
  • Show up


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